Our Sites

Telila Kecho Anderacha

Through our Telila Site in Kecho Anderacha Gera, we are putting forth our best effort and best processing practices to produce fine quality washed and honey lots with complete traceability to producers.

Telila Tula

Our newest site located in Tula, Gera. Here we are focused on producing quality naturals and experimental lots with the same level of traceability to producer.

Atoma Wanja Kersa

Completed in 2023, and located in Wanja Kersa, Gera, here we have optimized our site for washed and sun-dried production adhering strictly to quality protocols. We also work closely with local out-growers to acquire the best cherry and ensure traceability to farmer groups. We have installed a Penagos 7,000 eco-pulper to reduce our water consumption on site.

Green Spring, Uraga

Green Spring is a high-quality coffee site located in southern Ethiopia. The coffee produced at this site is primarily of the Typica variety and has a clean, bright flavor with notes of citrus, floral, and honey. Green Spring is committed to sustainable and ethical coffee production, working closely with local farmers to ensure fair prices and implementing environmentally friendly farming practices.