About Us

We strive to provide fair and transparent services to our clients both locally and abroad

Addis Exporter is the OG of Ethiopian coffee. Established in 1972 and with over 50 years of experience in the coffee industry, Addis Exporter has become a trusted name in the market. We have a proven track record for delivering transparent, traceable, quality coffees and we are committed to working closely with producers and ensuring that every step of the coffee production process is closely monitored.

In addition, Addis Exporter is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities we work with. Through various community projects and initiatives at our wet mills, we aim to improve the lives of the people who contribute to the production of our coffees.

Drawing from our extensive work experience, we know how to get things done right and on time. We place a strong emphasis on quality services and provide our clients with a comprehensive range of coffee solutions. From sourcing and milling to logistics and marketing, we are committed to delivering the best coffee experience possible..