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Addis Exporter's coffee processing mill, "The Mill," is a game-changer for local coffee exporters seeking to enter the global market. The facility offers unparalleled services to support every aspect of the coffee exporting process, from quality control to logistics. With a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge, Addis Exporter provides comprehensive support to local exporters looking to increase their market presence.

The Mill's spacious warehousing can handle multiple coffee lots, while its modern processing machinery ensures that the coffee is of the highest quality. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in coffee processing providing professional services to meet the needs of local exporters. The Mill offers services such as hand picking, color sorting, and blending ratios to produce varying coffee grades. All this is designed to help local exporters achieve their business objectives.

In addition to processing services, "The Mill" also provides value-added services like a 4-color jute bag printing and vacuum packing machine. Our vacuum packing machine ensures that the coffee stays fresh and maintains its quality during transport. The Mill's printing machine can create intricate designs to make each jute bag stand out and reflect the unique characteristics of the coffee within. With Addis Exporter's extensive services and support, local exporters can rest easy knowing that their coffee is in good hands and will make a lasting impression on the global market.

Quality Control

Addis Exporter offers comprehensive quality control services to local exporters looking to access international coffee markets. Our experienced team can help assess offer samples from the interior, verify the quality of coffee lots before shipping, and help determine optimal blending ratios for producing varying grades. We provide detailed sample analyses to ensure local exporters have the support they need to succeed in the global coffee industry.

Packing Solutions

Addis Exporter is the official Ethiopian representative of Ecotact, an industry leader in hermetic packaging for dry grains and coffee. We offer packaging solutions to meet your needs from sample bags and jute bag liners up to full container liners. Ecotact bags and liners cater to the optimum storage requirements of your products for a safe transition.

  • Moisture level and aroma maintained
  • High resistance to oil and solvents
  • Sensitive food, vitamin content, inherent flavour and quality is protected
  • Easy to distribute with smaller packing sizes
  • Customized branding available
  • Increased shelf life to more than a year
  • High level of temperature tolerance (- 30 degrees C to + 90 degrees C)
  • Aroma and moisture level maintained
  • High resistance to oil and solvents
  • Hydrocarbon free
  • Sensitive food and vitamin content protected
  • Protects flavour and quality
  • Holds excellent forming and can be used with any secondary bags of jute/PP
  • Easy to transport grains to any part of the world
  • Increased shelf life for more than a year
  • Customized branding is available
  • Recycling solutions are monitored globally
  • With extra-clear transparent bags for clean visibility