Coffee sourcing

Let us help you find coffees that meet your specific needs. With our extensive network of contacts and wealth of experience in the industry, we are able to connect buyers with various coffee suppliers, including farmers, cooperatives, unions and more. By working closely with both buyers and suppliers, we can facilitate the creation of sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships, resulting in the delivery of exceptional coffees to you.

Quality Control

At Addis Exporter, we understand that ensuring the quality of your coffee orders is paramount to your business's success. That's why we offer a range of quality control services to help coffee buyers manage the quality of their orders, including identifying coffees of interest, assessing offer and shipment samples, and retaining samples in case of quality claims to name a few. Our lab is staffed by experienced technicians who utilize modern equipment to ensure the accuracy of our results. With our quality control services, you can trust that your coffee orders will meet your exact specifications, every time.

Buyer visits

Addis Exporter offers personalized assistance to coffee buyers looking to plan their next origin trip to Ethiopia. With our extensive knowledge of coffee-producing regions throughout Ethiopia, we can help you plan trips to a specific area of interest and arrange visits to farms, cooperatives and more. Additionally, we can host cupping events to showcase different coffee varieties and facilitate connections between buyers and producers. Let us help you organize a memorable and productive coffee origin trip.

Logistics Management

Addis Exporter understands the importance of logistics in the coffee supply chain, which is why we offer assistance to coffee buyers with their logistics needs at origin. Our team follows up on coffee contracts, container movements, and provides regular status updates on shipments, allowing buyers to track their coffee and better predict its arrival at port. With our logistics support, you can be rest assured that you have our full assistance and support at origin.