Our Coffee

More than any other country, Ethiopia has a broad genetic diversity among its coffee varieties, with each type having distinctive taste, shape and color. Addis Exporter is proud to offer the full range of washed and sundried one-hundred percent green Arabica coffees grown in every region of Ethiopia. 

Harar Coffee

Medium to light acidity, full body, strong mocha flavor with blueberry notes. Altitude: 1,510-2,120 meters (4,950-6,950 feet).

Lekempti/Ghimbi Coffee

Good acidity, medium body with wild fruity finish. Altitude: 1,700-2,200 meters (5,570-7,210 feet).

Limu Coffee

Well balanced cup, medium acidity and body with spicy/winey flavor. Altitude: 1,400-2,100 meters (4,590-6,880 feet).

Sidamo Coffee

Bright acidity, medium body with spicy and citrus flavors. Altitude: 1,550-2,200 meters (5,080-7,210 feet).

Yirgacheffe Coffee

Bright acidity, medium body, marked by Jasmine and lemon flavors. Altitude: 1,770-2,200 meters (5,790-7,210 feet).

Illubabor Coffee

Balanced, full bodied, hearty flavor. Altitude: 1,750 to 2,000 meters (5,740-6,550 feet).

Bebeka Coffee

Low acidity, medium to good body, with a light citrus flavor. Altitude: 950-1,285 meters (3,110-4,210 feet).

DJimma Coffee

Full bodied with a winey after taste. Altitude: 1,650-2,000 meters (5,410-6,550 feet).

Tepi Coffee

Low to medium acidity, well rounded with a smooth aftertaste. Altitude: 1,100-1,900 meters (3,600-6,230 feet).

Bale Coffee

Mild sweet fruity acidity with medium light body and cinnamon-chocolate tinged aromas and flavors. Altitude: XXX-XXX meters (XXX-XXX feet).

Kembata Coffee

Medium body and medium/pointed acidity with winey aromas of blueberry and strawberry’s. Altitude: XXX-XXX meters (XXX-XXX feet).


ADDIS Specialty Coffee

Addis Exporter has entered into a strategic partnership with several international partners to distribute premium Ethiopian coffees. Our unparalleled experience in the local market coupled with the extensive marketing and distribution channels of our international partners will ensure that our exceptional products make it to the broadest possible market. The key to our strategy is to only use the top quality Q arrival coffee to create a consistent flavor for each of our products in order to ensure that our customers receive a quality and dependable product with every shipment.

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